School Fitness Class Descriptions

bpm activate KS1, 2

bpm activate is an eight-week health and fitness programme consisting of exciting fitness concepts fused with healthy living and nutritional guidance through a personal workbook and active challenges.  Conducted during school hours, each weekly module has links with the National Curriculum and aims to encourage children to remain active by offering fun reward schemes.


Dance Fusion KS1, 2, 3, 4

Dance your way to fitness with a variety of the latest and greatest dance styles around! A fun and energetic workout for both boys and girls!


bpm bootcamp KS2

This ultimate workout fuses classic drill-style exercises along with a variety of formats such as Power Cardio, Chaos Circuits and Team Relays.  This workout can be conducted indoors or outdoors and utilises the most progressive, innovative and creative exercises in fun fitness for kids 7-11 years only!


Fitness Boxing – KS2, 3, 4
Fitness Boxing is bpm active's latest programme designed around the art and skill of Boxing using gloves and pads in a safe, controlled and hugely motivating setting.  Using a mix of Circuit Training, Partner Work and Team Games this workout is sure to be a Knockout!!


XTC - Cross Training Challenge KS3, 4
Cross Training Concept using Strength and Conditioning exercises, Olympic Lifting techniques, Kettlebells, Battleropes, Wall Ball, The Prowler and much more!!  Taking youth fitness to the next level!  This session is conducted from the bpm active Training Studio.


SoccerJam – KS1, 2

Try out this fusion of football, dance and fitness.  This football based workout includes using the ball to get fit and perform fitness techniques and drills. Try something new in this unique, fun and exciting session designed for everyone!


Fitness Cheerleading KS1, 2, 3, 4

Join in the fun with 'Fitness Cheerleading' Learn the basic arm lines, add a few funky foot patterns, put on the music and have a great workout!


Urban Street Dance KS1, 2, 3, 4

Dance your way to fitness with this fun hip-hop inspired workout.  Set to uplifting street and dance music this session is easy to follow, the moves are fantastic and the end result – full of flava!


STRIKE - Martial Arts Fitness KS1, 2, 3, 4

Incorporating exciting martial arts skills and techniques from a variety of different styles, STRIKE offers a non contact, power packed workout will help you kick, strike and punch your way to fitness, the fun way.


Body Active KS1, 2, 3, 4

Using a variety of fun fitness equipment and exciting circuit training systems, this full body workout helps to develop muscular strength and endurance, aerobic fitness and flexibility as well as motor fitness such as balance, co-ordination and agility.


Step Fitness KS3, 4

Step Fitness incorporates the use of the legendary Step platform and provides an alternative and fun way to exercise.  Routines are great fun, easy to follow and taught to motivating music.


Prime Mover KS1, 2

Fun games and workouts to master the ABC'SSS of Fitness!! - Agility, Balance, Co-ordination, Speed, Stamina and Suppleness through encouraging and supportive activities


Games, Games, Games! KS1, 2

Play, have loads of fun and get fit in this action packed session using exciting playground style games, relays and activities from around the world.


We can also offer more specialised sessions such as yoga inspired stretch classes designed for any age group.


To book your sessions and to discuss other fitness/training opportunities such as specialist training packages for teachers contact bpm aspire on, call 0773 242 7882 or alternatively fill in the form below.